Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day One....oh wow!

So this morning, my usual routine felt all inside out. I posted my last post on Facebook last night for the next 46 days. My morning routine normally consists of a cup of java and a quick Facebook scan. Who's got a birthday? So, what's new with my friends? You know, the normal routine. Not today though. I checked the weatherbug app on my phone to check out the weather, then sipped on my hot coffee. Silence, what to do with myself? *shrugs to myself*... So when I get to work I realize, that if I fully intend to keep this promise to myself and to God, then I can't all. Which means I can't peek at Facebook from my phone AND I can't cheat by reading comment replies in my email inbox. I can't help but wonder who replied to my post and what they said? Curiosity killed that darn cat and it may kill me before this is over. I am feeling very cut off from the world. I don't just use Facebook to chat and interact with my friends, but I get my news there as well. I friended local news stations, radio stations, huffington post and all that stuff shows up in my daily newsfeed. UGH! I am really cut off from the feels like anyway, hahaha!!! I am feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Hope this gets better!