Thursday, February 28, 2008

Americans Need to get MAD!!!!

Anyone remember that song from the 80's by Twisted Sister??? I can hear it now in the background of my mind:


That needs to be the NEW National Anthem for Americans I think. I am sick to death of the government and all their little committees that they have formed to tell me exactly what I need when it concerns my health.

At exactly what point did we all stop thinking for ourselves here people? Can we not make INFORMED decisions about our health and our children's health on our own? Do we need a stinking committee to make a decision for every little thing? Talk about being micromanaged!

Some committee has decided now that all children should be REQUIRED to have a flu vaccine. Are you kidding me? Let me say that again, only LOUDER......ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????

What's that? You didn't hear me?

I SAID........ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????

We, as American's need to take back the control and quit being ZOMBIES when it comes to your own health care. You call the shots. You make the decisions. You do the homework. You fight the authority. You say, "we aren't gonna take it anymore!" Maybe just maybe if enough people decide they are tired of being dictated and LIED to you, things will change. But it's never going to change unless you join me in my outrage and shout from the rooftops, "we're not gonna take it, anymore!!!!!!"

Man, I can see Dee Snyder and his big blond wig and the spandex pants. Bring back the Sister!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Mother's Love

Guess who is coming for a visit tomorrow? Yup, my mother. I haven't seen her since last May when she was home for my nephew's graduation. I do miss her. I will be glad to have some undivided attention from her. She is coming to visit baby Max and see us too. She won't be here long, but at least she is coming. She will have been gone (moved to Florida) 14 years in October of this year and that just doesn't seem possible really. Where have those years gone?

I know that I do enjoy when she comes, b/c I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief that things are as they should be. There is nothing like the comfort of a mother's love. And although many times over the years we have not seen eye to eye, I need her now more than ever. I consider this the universe's answer to my cry.

Just last week, I had a wee little break down and ran away for about 2 hours. I realized after I left I had nowhere to go, so I just went to my brother's house, sat on his couch and cried to him and his girl friend. He let me feel really sorry for myself and then when I felt all better I went back home. But while I was there, I said, really LOUD...."I just need my mom, I wish she were here!!!!!" And then weirdly enough.....less than a week later, my mom calls out of the blue and says she was coming for a visit. Enter the theme from Twilight Zone here......I accused my brother of calling her and ratting out on me and he swore he hadn't heard from her since Christmas, so there you have answer, a very clear answer, to a prayer!

SO, I am just going to appreciate the small amount of time I will have with her this weekend and just roll with it. Lord, help me make it through without any arguing and please let me hold my tongue and just enjoy her.

This is my mom with us last summer!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love 2 hr delay days!!

I have been taking steps recently to Heal of which I purchased a book by Louise Hay called, You Can Heal Your Life.

I read it in 2 days flat. I love a good book, I can literally devour it. I think there is Divine Order that I stumbled upon this book at precisely the right time in my life when I needed and wanted healing the most.

Anyway, I am learning a few new tricks from this book and I am living proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!! So, today I am going to love the fact that there is a two hour delay. I am joyful that I can spend a few extra minutes this morning with my husband and kids. I feel good about the changes. I welcome them. And just for today, I love snow!!!

The snow outside is falling and for today, it is peaceful in my life. Here's hoping you have peace in your life today as well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who am I?

Who Am I?
I Am the Parent of Children With Autism

I am the parent of children that were born healthy.
I am the parent that saw my children make their first of many
I am the parent that watched my children vanish into their own
worlds, right before my eyes.
I am the parent that was lead by mainstream medicine to vaccinate my
children on the premise that I was doing right by them, my children.
I am the parent that asked questions like, "Should you vaccinate my
sick child?" and "Why is my child always sick?"
I am the parent that was cohersed into vaccinating my children under
false pretenses that I did not know, at that very time.
I am the parent that was mislead by the same mainstream medical
profession that took an oath, "To do NO harm."
I am the parent that was told that my children have autism, not by
the doctor but by a close friend.
I am the parent that was told by mainstream medical doctors
that "There is NO hope!"
I am the parent that has spent countless nights; crying, praying and
researching everything out there on the internet known to man about
the causes, cures and everything in between regarding autism.
I am the parent who will NEVER give up hoping.
I am the parent that is now cautious when it comes to mainstream
medical doctors.
I am the parent who, now, questions authority, no matter how dumb the
questions may seem.
I am the parent, like so many more, that is overwhelmed with the
daily stress that autism brings.
I am the parent that feels so isolated because previous friends and
family just, "don't get it, autism that is."
I am the parent who is mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted
beyond anyone's wildest dreams.
I am the parent that has become stronger and more vigilant in my
quest for answers.
I am the parent who demands respect when it comes to my children with
autism and their needs.
I am the parent who runs on empty.
I am the parent who weaps for so many like me.
I am the parent of beautiful children with autism but autism is just
their diagnosis.
I am the parent who is going to try like hell to recover my children
against all odds.
You are NOT alone!
Autism is treatable and recovery is possible.
Never give up hope!

by Michelle Gillespie

Michelle captures everything I have ever felt since we got the diagnosis, which I already had figured out by the time we got the actual, professional diagnosis. I feel exactly, exactly the same. It's like someone sliced open a part of my brain and spilled it here on the page. She has my thoughts, my fears, my future. I think for today, she is my hero. I love her. <3 <3 <3

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So I survived my birthday....

It's official, I am another year older and surely another year wiser....I survived my wonderful 43rd Birthday. My day was spent at the girls' school carnival as I manned a game called Kerplunk...much like Plinko on The Price Is Right. I got bored and started giving 2 tokes for every blue slot and boy did my line ever grow! I think the kids decided they could earn more tokens at my booth than anywhere else, so they came...and came....and came!!

Ok, I was cheating...a little...but it was my birthday and I really didn't care. Carnivals are such money rip offs anyway, right? It was just an extra token here and there to cash in on those rip-off prizes they have. So I helped a lot of kids get a BIGGER's all good I swear.

Ivy even won a cake for me in the cake walk, so it was a perfect day I guess. The girls sang the Happy Birthday song to me and that always make me smile to hear them sing to me. Ed, on the other hand is in the dog house for an undetermined amount of time for making no plans and not even acknowledging my birthday with a stinking card. I think it's doubtful that he will ever forget another BD again. (wink, wink).

The past week at work was about as stressful as it can get. Illness is running rampant through our school system and I saw a whole lotta sick kids this week. I am finding it hard to keep myself well when all I do is see sick kids all day long. My immune system went kaput on Friday and I have been sick ever since. I am trying hard to recoup by Monday, but right now, it's now looking so good. So this weekend, I am literally healing thyself in the physical sense, not just the mental, LOL!! Right now I am eating my oatmeal, typing this update and laying in bed. I plan to be here all day long. Whatever it takes, right? RIGHT!!!

My husband rented me a couple of movies to watch, so I got plenty to do right here in my bed, yeah!!!! After his mess up last weekend forgetting my birthday, I got a few *in bed Sundays* to cash in for the entire next year.

So, here's hoping we all have a better week, than last and that we can get and then STAY healthy.

Peace, love and brotherhood baby!