Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jenny McCarthy is MY HERO!!!

Not only is she hot and shares a great name with me (McCarthy is my maiden name)...she is a mom like me that loves her child with autism. I watched with baited breath today as she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show promoting her new book, LOUDER THAN WORDS.

She is awesome and she said it. She said it on national television. She said she thought her sons autism was caused from his vaccines. I love her for saying that. Someone famous is saying what I have been saying for 3 long years. She made me feel validated somehow that I am NOT crazy.

Jenny McCarthy, I love you. Thank you for being the voice to all the moms who love their sick kids so much. We just want them to get better you know. We just want them to be well and be normal and is that so bad?

I love how she starts her book by saying, if your child is diagnosed with cancer, people flock around and pray for you and make you dinner and rally around you. If your child is diagnosed with autism, people look the other way and avoid you at the grocery store. They look the other WAY!. Go back and read that again: They look the other way. They whisper under their breath and say mean things about you like, "why can't she make that kid behave?" or "what is WRONG with that child???" I know this to be true for I have experienced it first hand many, many times while on trips to the store or in a restaurant.

SO, today is my Anniversary and my hubby didn't even get me a friggin card. He called me this morning and left me a message after he left for work, b/c he never said anything to me before he left. I didn't get the message until after work at around 3:30pm. I can't believe he didn't even get me a card.

They said on Oprah today that 80% of all marriages with ASD kids end in divorce. I understand that statement completely. I wonder sometimes how we have managed to hang on for these past 4 years (we have been married for 8), especially when my husband can't even remember to go buy me a friggin card. Nice, huh? No wonder I have stress in my life.

So, tomorrow I have the day off work and I will be volunteering at the kids' school all day. I will be having a special talk with Ivy's class about her autism while I am there at the school. Can't wait!

peace people!