Monday, July 7, 2008

J is for JUSTICE (or lack there of......)

JUSTICE.....yes and I do mean the lack of it. One of the things I live with on a daily basis is that there is no JUSTICE in all of this mess. It's the reason I went to Washington see some JUSTICE. I want it for all those children, not just my child. I want it for the 1 in 150. Every day, I ask myself, "what can I do to make it better"? I don't have the answers, but I do know that my government has failed me miserably. It enrages me to think that my child is nothing more that a casualty of scientific error....

The hard part is being called a neurotic and/or paranoid mother, or that I am being irresponsible and frightening mothers into NOT vaccinating at all. But let me ask you....if you KNEW that something harmed your child, wouldn't you want to tell other mothers to look into it so that their babies wouldn't also be harmed? Or would you just keep it to yourself and never tell anyone...look the other way and say to yourself, "gee, I hope it doesn't happen to their baby". I feel it's my motherly DUTY to share the information I have and let other mom's judge for themselves and make an informed decision on their own.

JUSTICE. It's such a beautiful word when you think about it. John Mellencamp even named one of his children that. Too bad that in the year 2008 it means not squat and has no value left in it. The only time that JUSTICE will be served for me and my family is when the CDC and FDA finally come out and say, "OK, we were wrong and you were right. We messed up really bad and we are sorry and what can we do to make things right for your child?". That is how I spell JUSTICE. Too bad I will never see JUSTICE in my life time though.