Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is the place where we order the majority of Ivy's supplements. This company is absolutely top notch. All of their supplements are pharmaceutical grade quality. Here is a little excerpt from their website:

We have more experience - - Kirkman has been serving our customers since 1949. Because we are a basic, manufacturer we can control every aspect of our production to exacting standards. We've listened to our customers' needs for effective, pure and unique products. We work with the world's leading scientists, doctors and researchers to develop the best and most effective formulations. We offer the most extensive lines of casein and gluten free, hypoallergenic supplements on the market (including casein and gluten free Probiotics).

I love this illustration from their website regarding supplementation.

Road map to Supplementation

If you are wondering why we take supplements, please let me explain. The majority of ASD kids have what is called a leaky gut. They have poor digestion and are unable to absorb nutrients properly, so they must take supplements in order to make up for the deficiency. It's very important for those children on the GFCF diet to have supplements that are also GFCF....and KIRKMAN provides that for our children. They have a whole line of personal care products from chemical free sunscreen to shampoo & conditioner. They also carry a line of non-toxic GFCF cleaning products safe for the environment and safe for you too! I would recommend that you check them out!

Here is the link to their homepage. Thanks for reading!



Tracy said...

I read the news review here one of the LongIsland papers last thursday
and I couldn't beleive it! there was an article on page 2 about two families here on LI that won their cases proving their children had autism due to receiving two or more vaccines in one time at their dr's visit and I meant to ave the article and scan it to you but narotic tim chucked it..wonder if you can acess it online? it is Riverhead News review is a big deal here because there are alot of people like my sil who think it's bogus and getting people in a tizzy but I was so happy to see that article it means maybe they are starting to get with the program here!!!

redheadskater72 said...

LOL! I can't think of a more perfect way to showcase the letter 'K' than Kirkmans!

Great job, Lisa.


Wani said...

We're in the process of trying to find out why my second son is having serious developmental delays. If you have any tips let me know. Feel free to stop by my blog sometime. I've written about the steps we've already taken.