Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If the truth hurts....

I have to admit that I feel anxious when I don't come here and write. I get all this extra pent-up anxiety when I can't release the stresses of the day. I'm a spiller. Always have been and unfortunately, I will most likely always be a spiller. I can't keep anything inside. It gets uncomfortable and I have to get it out.

Recently, I was in a position where I had to spill some information about someone I love to others. It was in this persons best interest, I promise. She is a beautiful individual, she radiates light into those around her. I have known her since the day she was born and I love her like my own family. I couldn't sit by and NOT say something. As a result, I think feelings were hurt and I feel like I am the bad guy. How did that happen? I think that at some times, we should just keep our thoughts to ourselves and let people find things out for themselves. Maybe I am TOO honest. Maybe I should stay out of other people's business. Normally I do. But this time, I felt compelled to say something and it's caused some upset and pain to someone I care about.

I have been on both side's of this fence. I knew information about someone once before and I didn't spill it right away. I thought on it overnight and how to best approach it, I did the dance with the "should I and shouldn't I's". So, this time, I thought spilling was the right thing. I spilled it immediately. I guess either way, you are screwed. You withhold, you're screwed. You tell, you're screwed. Life is so unfair sometimes. I know in my heart that this came from the right place. My question is: when is it right and when is it wrong? When do you tell the truth and when do you withhold? How do you know when the truth is too much? How do you keep a sock in your mouth and NOT say something?

I will learn from this experience. I guess from now on, it really is best to withhold initially and maybe even pray about the right thing to do. I guess projecting ourselves unnecessarily into other people's business is the wrong thing to do. I won't make this mistake again. The thing is, that normally, I don't do this. I have kept far out of everyone's lives I am close to for a very long time now. I have almost mastered it, until this latest slip. I guess this a perfect reminder of why I keep out in the first place.

Oh and by the's good to be back. I have written almost FOUR chapters on my book. I have been productive since my last post.