Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There is a BUZZ in the air

I feel almost electric today. I am not sure what the deal is, but I can hardly sit still or contain myself. It's just another ordinary day in my life. I am doing the same thing today that I do every day. I have had moments of clarity like this before. I can feel another shift taking place. It's like some kind of gravitational pull is tugging me to move forward into an unknown destination. This time I feel the move will be a good move. I need to move on from the last low period and push forward to a new beginning.

I was reading another blog about New Year's resolutions and I felt just like the blogger in that I feel New Years resolutions seem really cliche' and no one ever follows through on them....but there is something to the thought of starting out fresh again in January. Something to be said of attempting to start anew. I read yesterday that January comes from the Latin word Janua, which means "doorway". January is the year’s doorway, an entrance, into a bright new beginning. I couldn't agree more. There is something to be said of starting out new each year with peace and hope in our hearts.

I decided that rather than make a New Year's resolution this year, I would make a vision board for my life. I filled it will all the things that I dream of and hope for. It felt good doing the project and I love the finished project. I am anxious to see what all you readers are doing for the New Year. Post you NY's resolutions here.

Mine are:

1) Get even more organized- this was on my list last year and I have made leaps and bounds with this area of my life and I am proud of it.

2) Spend one night a week with the electronics turned off and use it to be together as a family, like playing board games and such.

3) Quit cursing....embarrassed to admit that I cuss like a sailor when no one is around. But I know the big fella upstairs can hear me, so I'd like to refrain from foul language if I can, LOL!!

4) Work on my book, 1 chapter a month.

5) Save enough money to go to Germany next year.

So, go ahead and post below and tell me what you have on your list for 2009. Inquiring minds wanna know....