Thursday, April 10, 2008

Appreciate the little things, right?

It seems that at some times all we ever do is complain and focus about the negatives in life. Like, what we don't have or what we didn't get. You can get all caught up in going on and on about how wrong something is, or how unfair life has treated you. Sooner or later, you have to decide you are not going to wallow in self-pity any longer and get up and DO something to stop the madness. If you don't, you are most likely going to cause yourself (and probably the others around you) a great deal of unnecessary pain. Life is too short to spend it angry, bitter and self-absorbed. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the little things in life.

Take this morning for instance. (I got a little story to share with you if you care to hear it.) Yesterday I wanted to walk. I really, really, really, really wanted to walk. Well, this morning, God gave me a little present reminding me about what's really important in life and showed me how it's not the walking that matters, but about the people who walk along the path WITH us that matter.

This morning, I am getting ready for yet another stressful day at work and I am in my bathroom doing my hair. Husband Ed is sitting on the end of our bed talking to me when the girls came in to kiss me good-bye for the day. Ivy kisses Ed first and says in a real dainty and sweet voice (with her best English accent to boot) as she cocked her head to the side, "We're laaaaaadies Daddy!" Meaning her and Jade of course.

It was so funny, we all burst out laughing. I can't REMEMBER the last time we all laughed together in the morning. That is when it struck me that we had made it through the whole morning routine without one cross word, no rolling eyes, no stomping feet, no huffing, no puffing, no I am not getting dressed, no arguing, no nothing. It was a glorious morning indeed. And just a for teeny, tiny moment, I thought, WOW, that must be what it's like in a normal family!!! I had to stop right there and thank God for that little present. I have to give thanks where thanks is due.

Last night as I lay my head down to sleep, I begged God for help. All I asked for was one normal day, just one normal day without fighting and resistance from my children. I asked for peace and harmony in my life. Well, He delivered for me....BIG TIME!!!!

I had a stress free day at work, was able to enjoy some fun with Jade after school at Brownies and now Ed has taken the girls and went off to do some visiting so I can have some peace and quiet here at the house...all alone. How's that for an answered prayer? Yes, and even though they may seem small and insignificant to some, I have to appreciate those little things in my life to keep myself grounded on a daily basis. Appreciate the little things Lisa......just appreciate the little things.


wendy said...

wooooohooooo on your lovely, carefree morning! and a bigger woooooohooooooo at you being able to stop and cherish it. that's big stuff my friend.

xoxo. here's to many more :)

Melanie said...

amen, lisa!

the little things really ARE the big things.

Jennifer said...

Your story of your morning put tears in my eyes. How wonderful your day must have been!