Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Restless Heart

Thinking back, I see a pattern in my life where I have experienced times of restlessness. It seems to to be the one thing that gets me into trouble over and over and over. It's not just my restless heart that gets me into trouble, but my restless feet as well. These feet were made for walking and that's what I usually do. When life gets tough, I walk.

Only now, right here and right now in my life, I can't walk and that is the very thing that has me SO DARN restless. Every ounce of me wants to walk....walk far, far away but I can't. Walking means giving up everything. Walking is out of the question. Walking is for quitters. Quitters never win and winners never quit, right? So, instead of walking, I stay. Restless and nervous and not healed as I had hoped for. I stay out of love for my children. I stay because I want to win.

Maybe I should invest in a treadmill, then I can walk all I want without leaving the farm.

So, here's to walking....and restless hearts.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for peace, Lisa.


Sarah said...

((hugs Lisa))

Heather said...

I totally know...

Peace for you.

wendy said...

thoughts, prayers and love.