Monday, April 21, 2008

Cute Conversation with Ivy

Ivy: Mom do you know Austin Frazier?

Me: Yes, Ivy (he is an 8th grader at her school)

Ivy: Well, I want him to be my boyfriend.

Me: Oh, reaaaaally? He's kinda old for you doncha think missy?

Ivy: No, he's really smart, and he's funny and he gave me high five in the hallway. (all good attributes I guess)

Me: Well, dear, he is TOO OLD for you.

Ivy: No he isn't!! I want to be his girlfriend

And then she skipped off. :) :) :)

Now, I am going to tell you why I think that was probably one of the coolest conversations I have ever had with Ivy.

First off, she initiated the conversation (something new here). Second, she LIKES a boy (also something new). Third, she likes a boy for his brains and his humor, not his looks (is she a keeper or what?!?!?!). Fourth, she sets her goals HIGH I tell you (he is only 8 years her senior!!!)

So, it may seem like frivolous conversation to some, but to me, the mom that has been waiting to have a conversation with her daughter for almost 4 years now, gosh it was like the sweetest conversation ever.

All the work, all the worries, all the crazy trials and's ALL worth it. Every single minute I have spent reading, researching and trying new things to heal her. She amazes me every single day. She is fighting. She is coming back to us. The Ivy she was born to be is slowly, but surely coming back to me. There is so much hope now where there once was none.

I wish all parents with kids that have autism could feel as happy as I do this very minute. I wish them strength. I wish them hope too. I wish them sweet little nothing conversations.


Melanie said...

that's amazing.

i'm so glad i read this. :)

Heather said...

Yay! Such a sweet girl and an awesome mommy!!!

Alison said...

TIME! Ivy is SO lucky to have you as her mommy! AND you are SO lucky to have such a wonderful little girl. :)

Stephanie said...

Awww...she is precious! It truly is the little things that matter!

Janna~Country Creek Creations said...

Lisa that is so exciting. My youngest Travis was dignosed autistic when he was 3. He didn't say anything until he was 4. It is so exciting the little baby steps you see them walk. If you looked at my son today (he is 10) other than the learning disabilities & quite a few quirky would never know. He is always so joyful & talkative. I will keep you in my prayers for all the joyful moments you have coming. Hugs Janna