Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gratitude List Number 997

Yeah that's right, yet another gratitude list. When I get all twisted up inside, I have to make a list or I might say/do something I later regret. Amazing how much 24 hrs can change your whole outlook on life. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good about I woke up in an awesome mood and then things went south pretty darn quick. My kids apparently had other ideas about how they felt today and boy did they ever let me know. My car decided it doesn't want to go anymore, I had an argument with my estranged and the list just keeps going. SO....because I am feeling so down about a couple of things, I decided the best remedy would be to make a gratitude list.

OK, I realize that some of these are pretty insignificant, but they are things that make me happy and that I am truly grateful for. That's all I got peeps.


1) for God for being my constant companion and carrying me through these hard times.

2) for my friends who are holding me up and listening to me whine and gripe about the goings on in my life. You know who you are.

3) for my kids who are the inspiration behind my motives these days.

4) for the warm sun that should be in the sky everyday as far as I am concerned.

5) for good music to carry me away from my own problems.

6) for exercise to help relieve my stress.

7) for Yoplait Whips Dulce de Leche yogurt cups...these are TDF!!

8) for Pottery Barn catalogs that I can escape to in the bath tub.

9) for my mom for all she does for me

10) for my new phone so that I can text with lightening speed now


Heather said...

great list! sorry you've had a bum day. tomorrow's a new one! and i must try to yogurt...