Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Really DOES Go On

One day you're here, one day you're there, one day you's so unfair. Just like the song goes. Life is unfair. The thing is life is unfair to everyone not just you. At some point you have to stop feeling sorry for your sad self and move on. I was there, so trust me when I say I understand. I was there. For a long, long lonely time I was there. It's only been recently that I was able to move in any direction at all. I have been planted in the same place, with time standing still in hopes that my old life would come back looking for me. I am here to tell doesn't and life goes on without you. So you can either stay stuck right where you are, or you can try to live, breathe and be happy again.

Any time you are nursing your wounded heart and ego back to health and learning to live again, there will be set backs. There will be Hi's and Low's in your recovery. And it really is recovery. You are are recovering from a broken heart. You've done battle. It's painful. You will feel high one day and so low the next. You will wonder how you will ever be happy again and if anyone will ever love you again. But the good news is, you are going to be alright. You won't be stuck forever. One day out of the blue, someone will come along and pluck you right out of the quicksand that you have been sinking in. You won't expect it. You won't even see it coming. Maybe it will just be a nice gesture, or a sweet compliment from someone, maybe it will be a pretty damn bold move like kissing you for no apparent reason completely out of the blue. I don't know, but SOMETHING will be be the catalyst that gets you moving and gets you thinking. Something will become the key to you finding your happiness again. You are going to be as happy as you decide to be. I have always chose happiness. Time and time again, when I have have been down in the dumps I always end up choosing happiness. I hope you choose happy too. It's a whole lot more fun over here on the happy side and I am saving you a seat and got the popcorn all ready to share.