Sunday, February 10, 2008

So I survived my birthday....

It's official, I am another year older and surely another year wiser....I survived my wonderful 43rd Birthday. My day was spent at the girls' school carnival as I manned a game called Kerplunk...much like Plinko on The Price Is Right. I got bored and started giving 2 tokes for every blue slot and boy did my line ever grow! I think the kids decided they could earn more tokens at my booth than anywhere else, so they came...and came....and came!!

Ok, I was cheating...a little...but it was my birthday and I really didn't care. Carnivals are such money rip offs anyway, right? It was just an extra token here and there to cash in on those rip-off prizes they have. So I helped a lot of kids get a BIGGER's all good I swear.

Ivy even won a cake for me in the cake walk, so it was a perfect day I guess. The girls sang the Happy Birthday song to me and that always make me smile to hear them sing to me. Ed, on the other hand is in the dog house for an undetermined amount of time for making no plans and not even acknowledging my birthday with a stinking card. I think it's doubtful that he will ever forget another BD again. (wink, wink).

The past week at work was about as stressful as it can get. Illness is running rampant through our school system and I saw a whole lotta sick kids this week. I am finding it hard to keep myself well when all I do is see sick kids all day long. My immune system went kaput on Friday and I have been sick ever since. I am trying hard to recoup by Monday, but right now, it's now looking so good. So this weekend, I am literally healing thyself in the physical sense, not just the mental, LOL!! Right now I am eating my oatmeal, typing this update and laying in bed. I plan to be here all day long. Whatever it takes, right? RIGHT!!!

My husband rented me a couple of movies to watch, so I got plenty to do right here in my bed, yeah!!!! After his mess up last weekend forgetting my birthday, I got a few *in bed Sundays* to cash in for the entire next year.

So, here's hoping we all have a better week, than last and that we can get and then STAY healthy.

Peace, love and brotherhood baby!