Thursday, February 28, 2008

Americans Need to get MAD!!!!

Anyone remember that song from the 80's by Twisted Sister??? I can hear it now in the background of my mind:


That needs to be the NEW National Anthem for Americans I think. I am sick to death of the government and all their little committees that they have formed to tell me exactly what I need when it concerns my health.

At exactly what point did we all stop thinking for ourselves here people? Can we not make INFORMED decisions about our health and our children's health on our own? Do we need a stinking committee to make a decision for every little thing? Talk about being micromanaged!

Some committee has decided now that all children should be REQUIRED to have a flu vaccine. Are you kidding me? Let me say that again, only LOUDER......ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????

What's that? You didn't hear me?

I SAID........ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????

We, as American's need to take back the control and quit being ZOMBIES when it comes to your own health care. You call the shots. You make the decisions. You do the homework. You fight the authority. You say, "we aren't gonna take it anymore!" Maybe just maybe if enough people decide they are tired of being dictated and LIED to you, things will change. But it's never going to change unless you join me in my outrage and shout from the rooftops, "we're not gonna take it, anymore!!!!!!"

Man, I can see Dee Snyder and his big blond wig and the spandex pants. Bring back the Sister!!!


ImAFlierInDreams said...

Im a Lisa too. Saw you on the Black Label Society deal. I agree that we all should have the descision 4 our bodies, our mind...and our childrens.As far as I am concerned, as America goes, WE ARE NOT a free country anymore!I never did believe in flu shots anyway. My husband always said, "Someday we are all going to get so sick that nothing is going to kill it" (the flu)This is a pill-popping, drug fucked world. The phamacudical companies along with the Govt trying to push all these drugs on us.What about that college kid who went in and killed (I cant even remember how many or where it was) but he was 'likeable' and a 'good student' But he GOT OFF HIS DRUGS...Like he'd been on ritalin and 'whatever else' while growing he gets off his drugs and goes to shoot up his college. And people wonder what the hell is wrong with america!

notjustanylisa said...

Thanks for your thoughts and comments Lisa. Great name by the way!