Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Mother's Love

Guess who is coming for a visit tomorrow? Yup, my mother. I haven't seen her since last May when she was home for my nephew's graduation. I do miss her. I will be glad to have some undivided attention from her. She is coming to visit baby Max and see us too. She won't be here long, but at least she is coming. She will have been gone (moved to Florida) 14 years in October of this year and that just doesn't seem possible really. Where have those years gone?

I know that I do enjoy when she comes, b/c I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief that things are as they should be. There is nothing like the comfort of a mother's love. And although many times over the years we have not seen eye to eye, I need her now more than ever. I consider this the universe's answer to my cry.

Just last week, I had a wee little break down and ran away for about 2 hours. I realized after I left I had nowhere to go, so I just went to my brother's house, sat on his couch and cried to him and his girl friend. He let me feel really sorry for myself and then when I felt all better I went back home. But while I was there, I said, really LOUD...."I just need my mom, I wish she were here!!!!!" And then weirdly enough.....less than a week later, my mom calls out of the blue and says she was coming for a visit. Enter the theme from Twilight Zone here......I accused my brother of calling her and ratting out on me and he swore he hadn't heard from her since Christmas, so there you have answer, a very clear answer, to a prayer!

SO, I am just going to appreciate the small amount of time I will have with her this weekend and just roll with it. Lord, help me make it through without any arguing and please let me hold my tongue and just enjoy her.

This is my mom with us last summer!!


Heather said...

Wow that gave me chill bumps. Enjoy your visit!