Monday, June 16, 2008

50 Things I Like About Myself

I recently had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people when we went to DC to the Green Our Vaccines Rally. One such couple was from NW Indiana, named Jacob and Arianne. Arianne is a phenomenal blogger. I have been reading her blogs since we got back from DC and she is such a talented writer and she has 2 boys with autism. I think she is line for Sainthood, only she doesn't know it. So we don't really "know" each other, but we walked together in the march in DC and we just have a common bond with our cause in life and our children, but I feel like I know her better since reading her blogs, ya know? I think she is really cool and I think if we lived closer, we could totally be friends. But, to my point of this whole post...she recently blogged about something and challenged her readers to it as well.

She asked if you can think of 50 things like about yourself. She posted her list and asked her readers to do the same. So, here goes, here is my list and I ask the same of you, make your list, and post the link to your blog in a reply, so we can all see what you like about yourself as well. Good luck, clear your minds and get to typing. I know you can find 50 things if you try hard enough. Every now and then, I think it's good to reminds ourselves, why we love ourselves.

50 Things I Like About Myself

1. I am funny

2. I can take a joke and make one too

3. I love life and all it has to offer

4. I love traveling and love to see the world

5. I like that I am able to see past color, race or sexual orientation in people

6. I love children and think I connect well with them

7. I love music and how it can affect my mood

8. I love God and considered myself one of his "girls"

9. I am crafty when I have time

10. I have good decorating skills

11. I like my sense of style in clothes

12. I am a loyal person

13. I am a good friend

14. I am a good mom to both Jade and Ivy

15. I am a good sibling and look out for them and play the mother hen roll well

16. I am a hard worker

17. I am a good employee and you'll get your money's worth out of me always

18. I love to read and learn new things

19. I am always open minded

20. I am willing to try new things, twice if I like them

21. People fascinate me and I love to meet new people

22. I am a collector of friends, old and young both

23. I am a cat lover

24. I am pretty knowledgeable about autism

25. I am a good advocate for my daughter with ASD

26. I am willing to fight for her

27. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make her life better

28. I am willing to do without so we can have money to treat her

29. I always try to see the good in people

30. I am a pretty positive person and try to spread that around

31. I like the color of my eyes

32. I think I have good taste in men, (ie my husband)

33. I am eccentric and I like being that way

34. I am computer knowledgeable

35. I love living green and am willing to share tips and resources, etc with others

36. I like living simply whenever possible without all the fluff

37. I am content most of the time

38. I would stand up for you if someone was bad mouthing you

39. I despise gossip and usually walk away rather than participate

40. I love taking pictures of my family and do it often

I can dance fairly well and I wanted to be a professional dancer when I was in high school.

42. I am compassionate towards others

43. I have passion for a cause and will go to the ends of the earth to see it through

44. I have really good intuition and use it my advantage

45. I have really good mommy instincts

46. I don't worry about what other's think of me or what the neighbors say

47. I know life is short, I get that

48. I live my life like there is no tomorrow most days

49. I love easily

50. I am not just any Lisa


To Think is to Create said...

You are so awesome! Thanks for these kind words. I love your list...#15 speaks to me because I'm the oldest of 4 kids and have been mother hen all my life!

You can totally be friends with people online, and we even have the added benefit of meeting in real life first. I'm so blessed to have met you and your family.

You are one of the soldiers out there, you and your hubby. You are fighting for those gorgeous girls and all of our kids as well. Thank you for never giving up!