Monday, June 9, 2008

Doing the Happy Dance we are home!!

After a very hot Saturday morning spent with a friend at the Zoo, we headed to the airport and back to sweet home Indiana. Ivy had the grand daddy of them all meltdowns at BWI Airport before boarding the plane. I had people looking at me and her and staring and for the first time in years I felt the need to explain her behavior. I was mortified. She kicked the poor man sitting directly to our left and the poor lady to my right, just kept looking at her like she was a real brat and the couple behind us was also staring and saying things like, "can you believe the way she is talking" and "omg, what a brat". So, really LOUD, I say, "I'm sorry everyone, she really isn't being bad, she has autism and she has just had a really long and loud week here in DC and she is on system overload, please excuse us". Everyone just shut up and quit staring after that. I think I embarrassed Ed when I did that, but I hate it when people stare at us and assume my child is misbehaving when she can't really help it. Makes my blood boil. I can't NOT say something.

I then proceeded to the counter and begged for a special pre-board pass which they quickly honored. So, we got home in a little over an hours' flight and when we were exiting the plane, Ivy began hopping and flapping like a birdie and dancing and skipping and smiling from ear to ear. She was more than ecstatic to be home. Yeah for you little Ivy, it's so good to see you smile!

Happy Ivy, Happy Jade

The Happy Dance


Heather said...

People can be such jerks! I'm sorry you had to experience that. Good for you for saying something - I would have too. Noboday messes with my babies.

My cousin has CP and when asking for a guest assistance pass at an amusement park a lady asked, "How do we know she isn't just a lazy child?" ARE YOU SERIOUS???