Saturday, June 14, 2008

~Super Sexy Swingin' Saturdays~

Saturdays ROCK. There is just no other way to describe them. They are my most favorite day of the week, with Friday's trailing a close second place. I live for the weekends.

I just love Saturdays and here are some of the reason's why:

~Sleeping in
~I actually sometimes eat breakfast on Saturday mornings
~Can be used as as excuse to stay in your jammies all day
~Can be used as a NO shower day (come'on admit it, you've done that too)
~HGTV marathon days (and I mean ALL DAY LONG)
~Catching up on the mail from all week (b-o-r-i-n-g)
~Putzing around the house doing nothing
~Cooking out and having friends over
~Swimming at my brother's house
~ Laundry catch-up day
~Yard work and gardening (one of my fave's)
~Honey Do List day (altho my hubby HATES these kind of Saturday's, heh...heh...)
~Project Day (usually something I learned from HGTV marathon day..wink, wink)
~Ordering out for dinner
~Blockbuster Movie Marathon's

Oh heck, I could go on forever, but I think you will agree with me that Saturday's are the most, bestest day of the week!

Hope you enjoy your Super Sexy Swingin' Saturday yourself. We are off the St Michael's Parish Festival where Ed is painting faces, and I am manning the corn on the cob booth! The kids have plenty of carnival tickets to should be fun for all!