Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today was THE day and it was awesome

OK, I am sad to report that when we got back from the Rally, I went to upload my pics and somehow my laptop has crashed. I can't fix it here in DC without my recovery disc's back home. I have tons of footage and lots to share. Will work on that later. Just wanted all to know that we went, we conquered and we learned a lot, shared a lot and felt the energy of the crowd. It was so awesome. I hope you all were able to see bits of it on your local news stations. Ed and I were on the local news station for Indpls for WTHR.

Check this out:

No video yet...was hoping for that, but maybe later.

Looking forward to sharing our day with you later. Thanks for the many thoughts and prayers we had today. We carried you all in our hearts with us today, I promise!


wendy said...

so proud of you lisa!