Monday, June 9, 2008

The Rally's over let's vacation!!!

Well, we decided before ever leaving for DC, that we would take the kids and make a family vacation out of it. Can you say "probably not such a good idea"? Washington DC is LOUD, CROWDED, BUSY, NOISY and HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Not the best place for your 7 yr old autistic, sensory overloaded little canary.

Each time we tried something new, Ivy was resistant to that. Her favorite thing was staying in the hotel room, swimming in the hotel pool, eating and the riding the Metro. So, here are some pics of our family trying to have a good time after the Rally.

After the Rally, Jade giving the food 2 thumbs up!!!

I'm exhausted after being in the sun and heat for 4 hours, Ivy is feeling good though!!

Cool shot of Union Station

Love this shot of the Metro Station

The Old National Postal Building, downtown DC

Jade fanning herself At Hard Rock Cafe' with a lettuce leaf...

Me goofing off with my new boyfriend.....

Ivy gets to relax some

The girls being silly together

If we get crowned Miss America, we would strive for World Peace.....

One last shot of horse play in the pool

Riding the Metro...yipppeee!!

I'm so happy on the Metro!!

We had an awesome opportunity to see the Washington Nationals play, thanks to their pitcher Tim Redding who gave us the best seats EVER!!!!! Beautiful night, beautiful ball park, thank you for being SO GENEROUS to our family. There were a couple of people behind the scenes that made this possible for our family, you know who you are and I thank you too!!!

Jade at her first ever professional Baseball Game, she had a BALL!!! (no pun intended, LOL!!)

Ed whistling Dixie....his first ever Pro baseball game as well

Ivy could care less about baseball apparently because it's TOO loud, too hot and too many people at the game. As you can see, she is NOT happy here.
All she wanted was a dang a hot dog!!!

leaving the park

The Smithsonian Castle

Jade in front of the Castle

Loved the gardens and this unusual bush/cactus plant

Jade & Ivy sitting by a pretty fountain in the Botanical Gardens

The Fountain

More flowers, so pretty!

Beautiful Roses in bloom everywhere

The prettiest flowers in the Garden

Ivy riding the Carousel.
It has been there since 1967 and in operation since it was erected.

Jade riding too

I love me some Granny Smith's mom!!

Snacking a little bit and resting a LOT

Please stop whining!! I want to go home!!!

The Museum of Natural Science

The inside of the Museum in the foyer. Ivy had meltdown number FOUR here and she and I left and headed back to the hotel for some much needed decompression time. Ed and Jade stayed on and did some more sight seeing here and at the American Indiana Museum.

Jade sitting pretty by another Fountain, Old Town Alexandria
She is so beautiful here.

Same fountain, me and the girls before dinner with friends

My little yellow canary, she is going to change the world someday...


Jenn said...

Lisa, I loved reading your blog, and hearing about the rally and your trip. It sounds like you had a wonderful, yet exhausting time!

I'm also very impressed that Ivy liked swimming in the hotel pool. That is one scenario where we've been that Yan had a TOTAL meltdown...something about the echoing noise in the room. Ivy has to be doing well to make it through such a big week-you must be proud! Jenn

Melanie said...

looking @ your girls, i can hardly tell which one of them has autism.

she has come a long long way.

i am happy for you. TIME!

Heather said...

oh i'm happy that you got to make a vacation out of your trip! looks like you had fun and you all are just cute as can be!