Sunday, June 1, 2008

Three Days and calling all friends and family!!

OK, it's early Sunday evening and I have most things in order for my meeting with Senator Lugar's LA after the Rally. I put together a nice little packet of information with some good talking points. I do need to pack, but I can do that tomorrow no problem and we have a late morning departure flight on Tuesday, so there should be no reason for rushing or feeling pinched for time. I am prepared all the way around I guess.

I ask at this time for all my friends and family to gather around me and do whatever it is you choose to do: pray, send good thoughts, send some good karma my way, etc. Tomorrow morning before half of you awaken, I will be on my way to the TV station to do my interview with FOX59. I am pretty nervous all of a sudden. I have no idea why. This is my thing. I feel like God led me here to this point. This is what I do, so why the nerves all of a sudden??? Not sure, but you can bet that I will be on my knees asking God to give me the words I am supposed to say tomorrow. My brother pointed that out to me today. He told me that maybe if I pray about it, then I will say whatever it is I am supposed to say. We shall see. Just gather around me please and lift me up, so that I can feel everyone's energy with me tomorrow.

No, here's a funny for you. Ivy just came tearing around the corner saying, "Daddy's taking us fishing!" Woot! (that means peace and quiet time for me) and she says very matter of fact like, "Jadie found us some big ugly worms outside and we are going fishing with them!!" And then I tell her they are called night crawlers. She looks at me all serious and says, "No, they aren't!!! They are called Alaskan Bull Worms!!!!" So, of course I have to know where a seven year old girl has learned this from....and she replies with a smile, that she learned about them on Sponge Bob Squarepants of course!!!


Jenn said...

You are going to an amazing job Lisa!!! Prayers coming your way!!!