Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Now What?!?!?!?!?

Well, I have to admit, that since we got back from DC, I have found myself extremely restless and I have been pacing the floors not quite sure what to do with myself yet. I know it's summer vacation and I know I need to get busy and get some stuff listed in my eBay store, but I find myself unable to start anything. I thought maybe I would clean house today, or go to the grocery and get some food, but I accomplished neither today.

What I did do, was call an old friend and went and visited with him. He has been ill for a few years and he just recently moved back into the area and we used to be roomies once upon a time. He recently lost his partner of 13 years and he has been really depressed. I have to say that at times, when you are so full of yourself that you can't stand it, talking to someone else and just listening to them, really helps a can really get you outside of yourself I mean. You can't be focused on yourself if you are giving someone else 100% of your attention. He needed that today and so did I. I am so glad we were able to catch up and laugh about old times too.

So, I keep pacing, my feet keeping moving and my brain is unable to catch up. I am not sure why I am so restless. I feel like I am doing nothing but walking in circles today. Maybe it's just coming down off the high of being in DC. All, I know is that I need to get focused again and get back on track. I just feel like I am in some sort of funk. Mental exhaustion maybe? I keep going back to YouTube and watching the Rally speeches and trying to decide what I can do to really make a difference. I hate to think that we went through THAT much getting there and spent all that money to go and be a part of it and now it's just over. I feel like I need to do more. Now what????? Hopefully, the universe or God will reveal my purpose in the whole thing to me soon. I don't like not knowing what I should be working on.

I need to thank everyone again that donated to the cause no matter how little you gave or if you gave lots, it was so very much appreciated and I will never forget your generosity. Also, thanks to all who continually prayed for us and kept us in your daily thoughts...also appreciated.