Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Final Chapter on the Green Our Vaccines Rally

Well, we are home and we are all completely exhausted. I cannot begin to express the emotions I am feeling at this moment now that I have had time to sleep on it and really, really think about what I have experienced. I think for me, it was one of the most special moments in time for me. Behind getting married and having my was just the most amazing thing to witness and be a part of.

It rained the day before the Rally and the forecast called for 80% change of thunderstorms the day of the march. We were sure we were going to be walking in the rain. Lo and behold after much prayer I am sure...the morning of the Rally, we awoke to partly sunny skies and 85 degree weather, which lasted until after the Rally was over and then we experienced a torrential downpour and a scary tornado warning. Tell me that was not DIVINE INTERVENTION for you.....

Wednesday, Day of the Rally

We ate breakfast and got ready to leave for the Rally and met up with some other local families from Indiana and Donna from Arizona (loved her).

Ivy eating Fruit Loops

Jade doing the same thing

Ivy showing us her sign

Jade's sign

Lisa Fox and Maria Janik founders of IBK (Indiana Biomedical Kids)
Donna from Arizona, Ed and the girls waiting on the shuttle to take us to the Rally

Waiting for the Metro to take us to the Rally:

We took the Metro to the Smithsonian and then started at the Washington Monument:

Washington Monument from across the street

Waiting for the light to change to cross the street, doing ok at this point

Up close

Lining up beside the Monument

A Sea of Green 8400+ people there!

Ed & I waiting to start walking

The start of the walk...traffic had to wait on all 8400 of us to file out onto Independence Street

Walking with our new friends Jacob and Arianne

More walking....with our new friend Donna from Arizona

We made the mile and a half walk to Capital Hill...woo hoo!!!!!!!!

Coming on the Capital Lawn

Waiting on the press conference to start

More waiting....

More waiting....

A huge bouquet of flowers presents by the MOMS (Moms Against Mercury)
There were 150 white flowers and 1 yellow sunflower to represent
1 in 150 kids diagnosed with autism.

There were several speakers at the Rally including:

Dr. Jay Gordan (Jenny's son Evan's doctor)

Boyd Haley, PhD

Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Amy Carson from Moms Against Mercury

Jim Carrey

Jenny (Miss Thang) McCarthy:

As I listened to each speaker talk, I decided that I want to be doing more than just flying to DC to attend the Rally. I am not sure exactly what the "more" is yet, but I know with some time to let the whole experience really soak in, I will come up with an answer to that. In the meantime I will just keep on keeping on and hope that one day, our time WILL come. I am going to do as Jim Carrey asked of us and dare to envision that our vaccines are already greener, that there is already a safer vaccine schedule and it is now being spread out and that there is a future generation with no autism because of days like today where we have rallied together to tell our government that we are not going to stop talking until someone listens to us and makes a much needed change.

Loved this guys license plate.

My Video of Jenny


Susan said...

So proud of you and your girls and all you're doing to change the world!

Heather said...

wow! TIME! i am so proud of you all!!!