Saturday, May 31, 2008

A quick addition for today 5/31/08

Ok, this is H U G E !!!!!!

I just received this email regarding the Rally. SO many people have registered to attend in the past five days that they have had to change the line-up location. We are now going to be marching straight down Independence. The original plan would have ONLY allowed for us to walk on sidewalks. Now we will be walking down Independence, one of 2 main roads in DC.

The police rarely block off streets for a we feel pretty lucky here. It is because of all of us (families that want to see a change) that this has happened....BIG numbers is what got us the ability to walk down the streets.

This is huge! Very few Americans can say that they marched the streets of DC to demonstrate. This will have the "look" of a huge Civil Rights March or million man march. Way better though as this is going to make a huge, HUGE statement.

Please be with us in thought and prayer from now until next Wednesday. :)

My friend just showed up with the signs he made for us. They are so good, I cried after he left. Thanks to my long-time friend Dave, you did awesome work dude! Here is what they look like. The first two are mine and Ed's and the third one he made is actually square like ours for Jade. Then he made one for Ivy that is the same as Jade's only hers reads, "I AM 1 in 150".