Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ever crave chocolate so much it hurt?

Seriously? I mean it. I love chocolate and I am out of my usual stash. I got rid of the chocolate b/c I want to lose some weight and I love chocolate and love the way it makes me feel after I eat it. SO, now I am all out and I want some so bad. I am sitting here thinking of all the different types of chocolate I love. Here are some of my most fave's. I wonder how many we share?

I love this chocolate above all:

My next fave is this:

Running close behind the Crunch bar, come these:

And right after those, come these:

And who can forget this lovely invention from the Hershey kitchen:

I can always use a batch of these here:

And when I don't feel like making them, I can buy some of these:

And then for special occasions, I really love this:

As I was sitting here thinking I really have chocolate on the brain, it occurred to me that in some sick kind of way, I could work chocolate into my new workout routine. I know, I are thinking that chocolate and work out don't belong in the same sentence, right? So, if I want chocolate that bad, I can eat it, but I have to work out in order to get it. Maybe if I use that as my incentive, I will move more and maybe if I move more, then I will no longer want or even need the chocolate?

I hope it works, because right now, I am so desperate for a chocolate fix, I am about to break open a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips I have up in the cupboard. That is really sad. I can tell I am tired and need rest, otherwise I'd be thinking somewhat straight here. I am acting like a loony-bird. I got chocolate on the brain fo'-sho'.

I need chocolate.

I want chocolate.

I must have c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becca said...

Thanks a lot Lisa!!! Now, I am off to raid the cookie dough and butterfingers because of your blog post!! LOL I love me some CHOCOLATE too!!!

Sarah said...

hmmm for some reason I am really craving chocolate, wouldn't know why LOL