Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SEVEN Days until DC!!!!

Ok, I can hardly contain myself tonight. I feel so excited to share this with everyone. You know how I mentioned that I was sort of bugging the local news stations and all? Well, I got some bites today!!! FOX emailed me and asked if they could interview us and so did WRTV Channel 6. Their health reporter emailed me and ask if they could cover us while we were in DC. Woot!!

Ok, so this is my one chance to share with everyone about our journey and why we are making the trek to DC. I know some people won't "get it" like those RN's I talked with yesterday and whole bunch of other people...but you can sure betcha a whole lotta people will get it. It might be the spark needed to let them know that there is hope for them. If I can help just one family, then my work is done as far as I am concerned. I will definitely post and let you know if the interview's take place or not.

I am still hoping we can raise the rest of the money we need by next Tuesday. I can't wait to see the signs my friend is making and donating for us. Oh and I checked out the weather for next week in DC...and it looks like it might be a soggy Rally. I am going to check into some type of rain poncho's tomorrow for us just in case. Let's pray for nice sunny walking weather...think good weather for me, ok?