Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ivy Doodle

That 's been Ivy's nickname since she was born. Well that and a plethora of other names like: Ivy Doo, Ivy B the Bumble Bee, Ivy Dozer, Dozer, Doo, Poison Ivy, Ive, Ivester, Vee, Punkin, Sissy Sue ....oh heck I could go on forever I guess. I never call my kids by their real names hardly it seems.

Well, today my little ray of sunshine is SEVEN years old. I can't believe it. It's just seems like she isn't my baby anymore, even though she will always be my baby due to birth order. I wish I could report that today was all roses and sunshine, but it wasn't. What started out to be the most normal birthday ever, turned very ugly about 4:00 pm today and boy did it ever get ugly.

We started the day off with some birthday pictures outside on this beautiful day. Took Ivy to the store to spend her birthday money and she decided she wanted a new bike. She has always had a Jade what the heck. With her birthday money, she was able to buy a new bike from WalMart for $60.00 woo hoo!!! It's so cute.

Next, we went to a Popsicle party at her teachers house for end of the year. All her classmates were there, so we took cupcakes to the party and sang Happy Birthday to her there. She did really well there. I let her have two cupcakes and that is probably where the bridge collapsed, but it was her BIRTHDAY darn it and I just wanted her to have a normal birthday like all the other kids have. I knew there would be hell to pay later and I was right.

We got home and that is where the trouble began. She just started crying and throwing a fit and I was just having such a hard time trying to get her calmed down. She was really, really worked up. I guess it was the wheat and AND sugar combo that sent her over the edge. She had about 5 0r 6 Popsicles and that stuff is nothing but frozen fructose corn syrup. Ivy and FCS don't blend well together. Add in the crap from the cupcakes and you have got yourself one really angry little girl. She was yelling at me, I am losing my autism and you caused it!!! I think she was trying to say that her autism was flaring that possible?? I am not sure what else she meant by that. She knows when she is on wheat overload and it makes her very disagreeable and she does not like feeling that way and she is always very remorseful for her bad behavior, but can't seem to control the rage while on a wheat high.

It's my fault for letting her have all that stuff, but I just wanted for things to seem normal for her day. I ended up losing my patience with her and went off to pout in the bedroom and fell asleep and took a little nap. When I woke up 2 hours later, she did seem better, but was still pretty grouchy. Mommy's bad Ivy. I am the parent and I should have not let you had all the stuff at the party. Note to self: next year monitor what goes into her mouth a LOT closer.

Anyway, I prefer to remember her excitement from this morning about it being her day and I will forget and forgive the rest of the day. Happy Birthday to my sweet little Ivy. I love you.



Anonymous said...

Lisa, that is so interesting that she said that. It makes sense to me that she can "feel" it flaring up. I know other neurological issues are like that. For example, if Abby is really tired or not feeling well, her high tone kicks in.

Happy Birthday to Ivy! I'm sure it was still a wonderful day for her. She knows how much you love her.