Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lovin' Sundays...but Hatin' Mondays

That has been my mantra for the past 9 mths....lovin' Sundays, but hatin' Mondays.

Well, only one more Monday left of school and my job for this year. In fact, only 4 1/2 more days to go!! I am getting giddy like a school girl (no pun intended) just thinking about it. I can't believe I am 4 1/2 days away from sleeping in and putzing around the house and spending some quality time with the girls!! I am really excited. The next two weeks are going to be a whirl-wind, but I will survive. I have end of school, wrapping up my work for summer, a birthday party, graduation and 4 open houses, the Indy 500, Memorial day and packing and leaving for DC all in the next two weeks. Please pray for sanity and serenity. I am gonna need it. :)


Heather said...

yay for the last week of school! hoping it speeds by so you can get going with the FUN things!