Sunday, May 4, 2008

Life Lessons

Things I have learned recently about life:

1) The media is not your friend...ever...for any reason....the media is the enemy. Never trust the media

2) Patience is a virtue and a lost art.

3) Mean people suck.

4) I am fat.

5) A job is a job and it's income, but family comes first no matter what....even over your job.

6) Sometimes, it's good to reminisce with old friends about old times.

7) God is talking to me all the time, but if I am not listening, then I am not getting His message.

8) Good friends are hard to come by.

9) Our animals know us better than we know ourselves.

10) When the rest of the world treats you crappy, you always have your family...even if they stink sometimes too. :)


Heather said...

wow! i could have made that list myself. very, very true!

Sarah said...

i too can totally relate!