Sunday, May 25, 2008

TEN days and counting....

TEN days until DC. Been trying to get all my important information together today that I will present to Senator Lugar. I have some really definitive and persuasive stuff I think. I am hoping that my meeting will make an impact. I hope that putting a face to a name and putting a face on autism, they they will remember us and make moves towards making a change. Cross your fingers for us.

I was up late, late last night trying to map out some touristy things for us to do as well while we are there. May as well see the place if we are going to be there, ya know? Anyone know of some must-see places for us? Leave me a comment and let me know. We got our Rally t-shirts in the mail yesterday and they are very cool. Here is what mine, Ed's and Jade's look like:

Click to enlarge so you can really see what this says.....I LOVE IT!!!!

And here is what Ivy's says:

Again, click on the pic to enlarge!!

So, do you think those will make an impact? I plan to wear mine all over Washington DC while we are there. Nothing like a walking billboard, eh? I hope that people will ask me about it so that I can offer an explanation.

I am getting super antsy. Say a prayer for me for some serenity this week. Thanks again to everyone who is pitching in to help us meet our financial goal. We are getting closer every day. Without all of you, this trip would not be possible!!

Here's hoping for peace in our lives this week. :)


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! I love the shirts. Ivy's is just startling, and that is a good thing.

Prayers for you!