Monday, May 19, 2008

My gratitude list

I haven't done one in a long, long time and and I think it's way over due. I think when you are at your nastiest and your worst is the BEST time to make one. I have so many irons in the fire right now, that it just seems to be a good time to remember what I am thankful and grateful for today.

1) For God who give me strength I didn't know I had at times

2) For my family who deals with me even when I am crazy...and I mean CRAZY!!

3) For friends, old and new that are in my life for a reason and keep me grounded

4) For warm, sunny, summer days

5) For naps- yes Kellie, I STILL like napping after all these years

6) For whoever invented chocolate

7) For good music-the loud kind that I still love even though I am too old for that

8) For the ability to laugh when I really want to cry

9) For my old van that is probably on her last leg- please don't die on me yet, girl.

10) For good books that I love to read and keep my mind sharp

Bet if you think about it, you can find ten things you are grateful for today as well. Go ahead...get your pen and paper out and jot a few things down. Hang onto it and refer back to it in a few months and see if your list grows any....I promise you, it will!

Peace and Gratitude to you this week