Saturday, May 10, 2008

Help us get to DC!!!!

Well, we are booking reservations and calculating costs and it's going to cost us a small fortune to get there and stay during the rally. I am going to stop at nothing though. We WILL get to Washington DC or else.

Should you care to make a donation towards our history making trip, you can send your donation to me via PayPal. Please know that donations are NOT expected, but would be graciously and gratefully accepted if you feel inclined to do so. I never ask for anything, but sometimes, we have to take help from other's where we can't help ourselves. My PayPal address is

I will also be listing things on eBay in the next few weeks, so maybe I'll have something you can't live without listed. All proceeds will be going towards our DC fund. My eBay user ID is all*things*green. Please check me out over the next few weeks.

I hate asking, but at this point, not sure how else we will make the ends meet to fund the trip. It never hurts to ask, even though it humiliates me beyond belief. SO, it's out there and I am off to do some yard work and maybe plant some flowers and pull some weeds. Summer is coming, I can feel it in the air. I saw a red winged black bird the other day. That always means summer is coming here around my area. I always welcome the sight of those little fellas. Ok, off to poke around in my yard. Until later......


Stephanie said...

Good luck! I sent a little, I hope it's the start of many donations! :)